Friday, May 17, 2013

Bring Your Team to Peak Performance with a Sales Speaker

Let's be honest, sales organizations have it rough. They're synonymous with the beleaguered groan echoed when the phone rings during dinner. I think it's time to dispel the myth of the nagging and pushy salesperson, and show the truth behind so many sales organizations – they are companies that help people fulfill a need.

Unfortunately, the negative image of a salesman is held by many employees of sales companies. How do you shake this persistent persona? How do you show your workforce that they are more than the caricature that so many believe they are? Clearly, there are several answers to these questions – from corporate structure to employee appreciation days and everything in between – but for the purposes of this conversation, I'd like to focus on a great way to rally your troops and show them their innate value, a motivational sales speaker.

Have you noticed your team becoming lethargic? Take some tips from speaker Anthony "AB" Bourke. Bourke is a former F-16 fighter pilot who has flown tactical missions across the globe. He translates his tactical experience into actionable items for both management and sales forces to help them achieve a better bottom line.

One way sales speaker Anthony "AB" Bourke teaches organizations to optimize performance is through "The Art of the Debrief" – one of his most popular speeches. As a United States Air Force fighter pilot, speaker Anthony "AB" Bourke learned early in his career that the key to keeping individuals and organizations on target and flying in formation is a constant communication system where team members receive honest feedback on a regular basis in a format that they expect. For fighter pilots, this process is called "debrief." Debrief is a systematic ritual that occurs after every mission a fighter pilot flies. In a hierarchical organization like the military, debrief is also a sacred learning environment where pilots of all ranks and experience levels meet as equals with the sole purpose of improving themselves and their squadron.

Not all corporate sales speakers take the militaristic tact. Many don't even go for analogies and just go straight to the issues your sales force experiences on a daily basis. Speaker Jeffrey Gitomer gets straight to the point in his very upfront and impactful presentations. His provocatively titled "Customer Satisfaction is Worthless: Customer Loyalty is Priceless" outlines how sales people have to go above what is expected to make an impact on their customers.

He will teach your group :
  • The difference between satisfaction and loyalty
  • His 12.5 principles of customer service success
  • How to stop talking "stupid" to customers
  • Mistakes and angry customers are loyalty opportunities

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