Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day from Some of APB's Most Impactful Women Speakers

Did May 12th sneak up on you this year? Hopefully not! Growing up, Mother's Day was a day full of celebration and appreciation. My entire family, from brothers and grandparents to aunts and uncles to infant second cousins, would gather together to celebrate some of the strongest women we know.

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by strong, talented women throughout both my personal and professional lives. I am lucky enough to work for a speakers agency that represents some of the most impressive women speakers in the world: women who are battling oppression, creating opportunity worldwide, running nations, or fulfilling that ever important role of being a mother.

Women Speakers on Motherhood

View Kelly Corrigan's Speaker Profile
Keynote speaker Kelly Corrigan rose to prominence for her incredibly moving memoir The Middle Place which chronicled her battle against - and triumph over - breast cancer. Her latest book, Lift, serves as an open letter from Corrigan to her daughters. She highlights three stirring stories of adults willing to risk it all for the joy of raising a family. Corrigan is an incredibly accessible and exceptional woman speaker with an innate ability to make any venue seem like an intimate conversation amongst friends. Her speeches and writing offer a glimpse into the deep emotional bond shared between a mother and her children.

View Christina Baker Klein's Speaker Profile
Mothers constantly inspire. One of our newest keynote speakers, best-selling author Christina Baker Kline, gave fans a glimpse into her childhood and the impact her mother had on her writing career in a blog post for In the post, Baker Kline shares how her mother fostered her creative side and always encouraged her to write. Kline closes the post by saying, "In giving me books to fill, my mother gave me the confidence to believe that my imagination could stretch to fill a book. What a legacy to leave a daughter." We are extremely excited to welcome Christina Baker Klein as part of our speakers agency and look forward to helping her share her insight and message with audiences as one of our top woman speakers.

Motherhood can come in many forms as evidenced by one of this speakers agency's most booked women speakers, Victoria Rowell. A talented actress, author, and keynote speaker, Rowell is known for her roles on The Young and the Restless and Diagnosis Murder. She is also the author of The Women Who Raised Me, the compelling story of Rowell's youth in foster care and the impact that her foster mothers had on her. Deeply personal and transfixing, Victoria Rowell shows us that motherhood is not bound by rules of genealogy.